Mt. Everest photo shot from the Mountain Flight
Mt. Everest shot from a "Mountain Flight" - Jack Shatzer


Mt. Everest, located in the Khumbu region bordering Tibet, is known as the Sagarmatha ("Head of the Sky") in Nepali. The Sherpas and Tibetans worship it as Chomolongma ("Mother Goddess of the Earth"). At an altitude of 8,848 meters, it is called the "Top of the World", or the "Third Pole" because it is the highest peak in the world. The Everest region is an area of immense beauty. With magnificent snow-covered peaks, and with some of the rarest wildlife and extremely beautiful forests and valleys, this region is a famous destination for trekking. To fly over this area and around Mt. Everest is truly a magnificent sight!

Everest has been opened for commercial mountaineering for already four decades though esoteric expeditions took place as early as the 1920s. Competitive commercial and adventurous mountaineering took off following the first successful ascent of Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary on the mountain in late May 1953. Since then many successful climbs have been mounted on Everest from various directions. Many attempts have also failed, most of them in tragedy. Thus, a recent new name for the mountain and its foothills has emerged. It is called the Death Zone!

Weather permitting, tourists depart from the Kathmandu Domestic Airport in the early morning for this fantastic one hour flight around Mt. Everest. It is an opportunity of a lifetime, an experience you will never forget! The flight is easly arranged by your travel agent or by the staff at Waypoint Adventures, Nepal(P)Ltd.

This spectacular mountain flights is offered by the following airline:
Buddha Air (tel: 542494, 521015)

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