Go2Nepal.com is a not-for-profit website based in the USA. My objective is to help the people of Nepal in several ways:
  1. Increase the interest in Himalayan cultures & tourism
  2. Promote the use of Nepali owned & operated enterprises
  3. Provide FREE travel planning & reservation services
  4. Provide FREE websites to selected Nepali Business
I can also provide FREE reservation and travel planning services for the Himalayan Kingdoms in Tibet, Bhutan and India if you are traveling from Kathmandu.

My disclaimer: As owner and webmaster of Go2Nepal.com, I strive to provide practical, reliable and interesting information about adventure travel in the Nepal Himalayas. I go to great lengths to insure that the information contained in this website is as accurate as possible; however, I accept no responsibility for any loss, injury or inconvenience sustained by any person resulting from the use of information obtained from me or my website.

King of Nepal

Jack B. Shatzer, Travel Consultant
Mechanicsburg, PA, USA
TEL: 717-691-0271

Mechanicsburg, PA = N40º 10.6', W76º 58.4'
Kathmandu, Nepal = N27º 49.0', E85º 21.0'

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'Don't let the love die' in Nepali

The eyes of Buddha on a stupa
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( Photo by Millie Shatzer )

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