Mother Teresa

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These are the words of Mother Teresa that were posted on the wall outside of her office at the Mother House. - February 5, 1995
"Tell them that we are not here for the work, we are here for Jesus. All we do is for him. We are first of all religious; we are not social workers, not teachers, not nurses, or doctors, we are religious sisters. We serve Jesus in the poor. We nurse him, feed him, clothe him, visit him, comfort him in the poor, the abandoned, the sick, the orphans, the dying. But all we do, our prayers, our work, our suffering is for Jesus. Our life has no other reason or motivation. This is a point many people do not understand. I serve Jesus twenty-four hours a day, whatever I do is for him. And he gives me strength. I love him in the poor and the poor in him. But always the Lord comes first."

....Conversation with Edward Le Joly, 1977

( LeJoly authored several books about Mother.)