Mount Kailash - 14 days

Mt. Kailish Mt. Kailish Mt. Kailish
Mt. Kailish Mt. Kailish Mt. Kailish
Mt. Kailish Mt. Kailish Mt. Kailish

A Pilgrimage to the sacred mountain of Tibet

Departing overland from Kathmandu and returning back to Kathmandu

Sacred spaces and stunning landscapes! Magnificent temples, mountain passes, snow-capped peaks, nomad camps& pilgrims. This is truly a journey to stir the senses and nourish the soul. The 3 day circumambulation of the world's most sacred mountain is tough, but cleanses you of the sins of a lifetime. Relax afterwards beside Lake Manasarovar, legendary source of the four great rivers of South Asia. Of all the destinations in Asia, this is the most sacred and sublime.


Day 01 - Drive Kathmandu - Nyalamu (3800m.) 168kms. 7 - 8 Hours
Day 02 - Drive Nyalamu - Paigutso Lake (4850m.) 221 kms. 7 - 8 Hours
Day 03 - Drive Paigutso Lake - Saga (4640m.) 115 kms. 6 - 7 Hours
Day 04 - Drive Saga - Paryang (4540m.) 185 kms. 7 - 8 Hours
Day 05 - Drive Paryang - Darchen (4700m.) 290 kms. 7 - 8 Hours
Day 06 - Trek Darchen to Dirapuk (94909m.) 18 kms. 6 - 7 Hours
Day 07 - Trek Dirapuk to Zutrulpuk - (5650m.) 22 kms. 7 - 8 Hours
Day 08 - End Kailash Parikrama near Darchen (4700m.) 14 kms. 3 - 4 Hour Trek - Drive to Lake Manasarovar.
Day 09 - Full Day Excursion to Lake Manasarovar (4520m.)
Day 10 - Drive Manasarovar to Paryang - (4540m.) 277 kms. 7 - 8 Hours
Day 11 - Drive Paryang to Saga (4750m) 240 kms. 7 - 8 Hours
Day 12 - Drive Saga to Paigutso Lake (4500m.) 185 kms. 7 - 8 Hours
Day 13 - Drive Paigutso Lake to Nyalamu (3750m) 221 kms. 7 - 8 Hours
Day 14 - Drive From Nyalamu to Zhangmu (3800m.) & Kathmandu (1300m)

NOTE: Tour to Lhasa can be added in this tour and trek

Please note: the published itinerary is a statement of intent and to be used as a guide only. The guide in charge of your trip will alter the schedule if conditions necessitate and any/all such alterations are at our discretion and your guide. You book a departure for dates that suit you or we can tailor-make a tour to fit your dates & interests. Available April to October with a minimum 4 travelers.

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Trip Grade: Moderate to challenging
Best time to go: May to October

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